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TNT Bird Toys prides itself in striving to use the safest of products for its toys. We believe that stainless steel is the best choice when it comes to metal pieces and all metals on our toys with the exception of our pear quick links are stainless steel. All of our leather is vegetable tanned and our plastics are chosen with the greatest of care and tested and used with our own birds.

As with any toy, you should always supervise your bird and know how your bird will react to the toy before assuming it will be safe for your bird. Every bird is different and the natural curiosity of all parrots can get them into some very interesting predicaments, but knowing your own bird can help a great deal. What might be safe for one bird may not be safe for another as well.

For more information on toy safety and the use of zinc in bird toys, TNT Bird Toys would like to offer the following web sites:

Testing for Zinc in Parrot Toys, Play Gyms, and Cages, by Ed Harris

Playing it Safe with Bird Toys

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